Create Server Project

The first thing we need to do is to create a server for graphQL. All the server files need to be created inside a folder. Create a new folder called server on your computer. You can create the folder with this command:

mkdir server

Note I create all my development projects inside a folder called projects. So I will navigate to this folder in my terminal first. You need to navigate in the terminal to wherever you want to create the folder for your server files.

After you created the server folder, then you need to change into that folder. Use this command:

cd server

Initialize Project

Once we are inside the server we need to initialize a node project. You can do that with this command:

npm init

This command will ask you a series of questions about your project. You can just press enter for all the questions or you can put in custom answers if you want.

This command will create a file called package.json inside your server folder. This file will keep track of all the dependencies we have for this project. This file will also have all the scripts we create for this project.

Install Express

We want to create an Express application. We will need to install express as a dependency for our project. To install express use this command:

npm install express --save

Once this command has finished running, it will add express as a dependency in yor package.json file. It will also create a file called package-lock.json.

It will also create a folder called node_modules. This folder will contain all the dependencies that we will use in our project.