Installation Instructions

If you have not already installed node.js on your laptop you will need to do that FIRST!

Install Node.js

You can install node.js by going to their website. This should put you directly on the download page. The server will recogonize if you are using a Windows computer or a Mac computer and will present the correct download version for you.

You will have an option to download two different versions

  • LTS
  • Current

LTS stands for "Long Term Support." This is the version that is currently supported by the Node.js Foundation. You will have an option to install the current version which will have new features and functionality in it.

Download the Current version

After file has downloaded, double click on the file. Follow the instructions to install Node.js on your computer.

Verify Node is Installed

You can verify that node.js was successfully installed on your computer by entering the following command in your terminal:

node -v

If you are given a version number then Node.js is installed correctly.

Verify npm is Installed

npm is installed with Node.js. To verify that you have npm installed on your computer run the following command:

npm -v